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Things I did in 2015

I know it’s a bit late to be writing this, considering 2016 has been up and running for more than a month now, but I still wanted to do this, so…

In 2015 I:

    • Received the year 2015 with a dinner with my family. Then, I went out with some friends.
    • Had a nice family lunch on a random weekend.
    • Celebrated my Dad’s birthday at home.
    • Went out with my friend Marcela on a random Saturday.
    • Went out to dinner to celebrate my friend Natalie’s birthday.
    • Went out to dinner to celebrate my friend Marcela’s birthday.
    • Went to the movies with Laura, Natalie, and Amelia on a random weekend. We watched The Theory of Everything. I loved it.
    • My family and I went away for a weekend to Puerto Plata. Lots of fun.
    • Spent the day at Ciela’s house to celebrate her birthday. (Ciela’s a friend of mine called Katherine).
    • My family and I went away for a weekend. Again. This time to Punta Cana.
    • I went rollerskating with some friends. I didn’t rollerskate, but I still fell down once.
    • Got together with some friends for a Sunday BBQ.
    • Started collaborating as a guest writer for TheFemmeRD, a project about female empowerment that my friend Yamileth started.
    • Went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron with some friends on the opening night.
    • Some friends and I went away for a weekend to Juan Dolio.
    • Had a random movie night out with my family. I can’t remember which movie we watched.
    • Celebrated my birthday number 23 with a dinner with my family on that day. The next day, I had dinner with friends and went out to a bar afterwards. It was a great birthday.
    • Went to Mass and to dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday.
    • Went out to a random movie night out with Heidi and Damarys. We have our own little Movie Club going. Can’t remember which movie we saw.
    • Heidi, Damarys, and I went to a viewing party to the season finale of Game of Thrones.
    • I started collaborating in a radio show called Rock N’ Exa that airs every Saturday. I have a little segment in which I discuss random and interesting facts about rock music with Pathy, the host of the show.
    • I renovated my american visa. This was a big deal, y’all.
    • My friends and I threw an Australian Themed Party to say goodbye to my friend Lisbeth (yes, we have the same name). She’s now in Australia following her dreams.
    • Ciela and I went to the movies on a random Friday night. We watched San Andreas. (Note to self: No disasters movies, please.)
    • I met the members of the local band Bocatabú, and some members of the band Caramelos de Cianuro.
    • After meeting rock bands, I went to the movies with some friends and watched Inside Out. Fight me.
    • My brother graduated high school. We went to the ceremony and the party afterwards. I’m a proud sister.
    • Had a random Friday night out with friends.
    • Went to watch Magic Mike XXL with friends without having seen the 1st movie. I loved the second one. Interesting plot ;).
    • Celebrated my grandma’s birthday (Dad’s mom) with a family lunch.
    • My friend Nayelhi aka Bruja celebrated her birthday with a night out. Had lots of fun. Danced a bit.
    • The Movie Club girls and I had another random movie night out. Can’t remember the movie, but I think we saw Paper Towns.
    • On a random Friday night, Marcela and I got together for some afterwork desserts.
    • Went to the Nick Jonas’ concert. Oh, memories… (It was the shortest concert I’ve ever been to, but it was still enjoyable.)
    • My friend Ambar treated all of her friends to dinner on a random Friday. We were celebrating that she landed a big project.
    • Went out to a club to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday.
    • Went to a brunch for the first time. It was the birthday of a friend. I enjoyed it.
    • Got to see my brother start his first day of college. I felt old.
    • Amelia, Laura, Natalie and I went away for a weekend to Punta Cana. Best weekend ever.
    • Had a random movie night out with the family. We watched Hitman: Agent 47. We all liked it.
    • Celebrated my Mom’s (and her parents) birthday with a get together at home.
    • Went away to Punta Cana for a weekend with my family.
    • Treated my brother to lunch on a random Sunday.
    • Went out to dinner with my friends to celebrate Amelia’s birthday.
    • My Bruja graduated college. She’s a doctor now! Marcela and I went out to dinner with her and her family to celebrate.
    • Went out for ice cream with Marcela on a random Friday.
    • Went out for lunch with my family on a random Sunday.
    • Movie Club girls and I went to the movies again. Can’t remember the movie. Again.
    • I read 49 books throughout the year. My goal was 40.
    • I was a guest in a radio show to talk about the importance of remembering the teenage-years. They contacted me after reading an article I wrote about it for my work.
    • Finished my final project for the master!
    • Went out with friends to receive the 1st weekend of December and being done with the master.
    • Went out to dinner with my high school friends. We do this every December (even if we get together throughout the year).
    • Traveled to USA for the Holidays with my family, where I celebrated Christmas and received the New Year. We went to Boston, Rhode Island, New York, Newport, Miami and Orlando. It was a great trip. (First time in NYC, Newport and Disney).


As you all can see, 2015 was a big year for me. Some things might seem insignificant, but I really wanted to have a place to document it.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading!


Love, Lis.



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