[Movie Review] Captain America: Civil War

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DISCLAIMER: I’m obsessed with Sebastian Stan as a person, Bucky Barnes as a character and I believe Stucky is real.

Hi there! I’m super excited about today’s post (yes, I say that about every post, but I am!) because I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the latest MCU movie, Captain America: Civil War. After not loving Captain America for a while, the second installment of his movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier really made a fan out of me. (Yes, partly because of Bucky Barnes and Stucky, but also because I really liked the movie.)

The point is that I was very excited for this movie to arrive, so on April 28th, after a lot of stress, I finally was able to watch it. (And then I went the next day and I watched it again.) And it was worth it. The wait and the stressful events that happened to make it possible that I could see it (on both occasions) were all worth it because I really loved the movie. To be able to organize my thoughts and keep this post somewhat ~professional~, I’m going to divide it in two parts: things I loved and things that bothered me a bit. (If I didn’t do that, this post would be me going ASDFASDFGHASDFG the entire time.)



It’s hard to talk about the things that I didn’t like because I loved the movie so much, but there are a few. For example, I didn’t care much for that Sharon and Steve kiss that was thrown in there just to ensure that those of us who ship Steve with Bucky are reminded that it won’t happen. I’m not only saying that because I’m a sucker for Stucky, but because I really didn’t think the movie needed it. The conflicts that were happening and the context of the movie overall didn’t warrant a romance and the vibes between Vision and Scarlet Witch were enough for me.

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Another thing I didn’t necessarily love was how the reveal of what Bucky did as The Winter Soldier was made. I think that the footage Iron Man (and the audience) saw of The Winter Soldier killing his parents was too violent and graphic. As if the movie just needed to drive the point home harder than it should have. Iron Man was entitled to feel and even act how he did after what he learned and saw and I guess they wanted that footage to make us feel that anger with him, but I don’t know… something just felt off about it for me.

One thing that bothered me a tiny bit was that the comic relief moments of the movie felt too forced at times. Or more than forced, they were trying too hard to break the audience out of the intensity of the fighting. Having said that, I think the dialogues were amazing, so I’m not sure how much this bothered me. (Maybe I’m just trying really hard to not make all my negatives observations about Bucky-related things.)

Now on to the best part…


Where do I even start? Stucky. Yes, I have to go there because Steve and Bucky’s relationship was a really big part of the movie. The fact that they are the only thing they have left from their past lives is a big motivation for their actions. We were reminded that Steve and Bucky were pals long before they were Captain America and The Winter Soldier. That bond is unbreakable and it was amazing to see how far they were willing to go to protect it. Plus, I kind of loved watching Steve be so “selfish” and choosing his wants and needs first, despite everyone’s opinion of Bucky.

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Another thing I loved? My lovely James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, as usual. I know a lot of people want to make Bucky the bad guy, but to be honest, he’s not. He’s a victim and he’s suffering the consequences of actions he wasn’t really able to stop himself from doing, but weigh on his conscience heavily. His internal conflict coupled with his badass fighting skills are what make him so interesting to me, regardless of how hot Sebastian Stan (and his sexy ass mouth) is.

The action scenes in this movie were on point. Jesus. The airport fight with all the characters was amazing. I also loved that scene where Steve and Bucky fight a bunch of agents and then Black Panther appears and chases Bucky relentlessly. When they did that slow motion bit of Bucky jumping on a motorcycle? Action movie gold.

This movie also did a great job of creating good conflicts. It’s way more interesting to see people who don’t want to fight each other fighting because it hurts. And that makes the action more engaging and less tiring. I mean, you can only watch people punch each other so much, right? I loved how personal it all was. All the characters, both new and old, were great and I was never overwhelmed by how many people we had to pay attention to during the movie. It was handled really well by the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo.

And the last thing I’ll mention out of my things I loved are: Vision and Wanda’s relationship, which I’m shipping hard; Stan Lee’s cameo which is always one of the best parts; and The Falcon and Bucky’s banter because it was as if I was watching short clips of interviews between Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. I can’t wait to see more of these things. I hope we do.

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Overall, Captain America: Civil War was worth the hype and the wait in my biased fangirl opinion. (I’ll be watching it for a third time soon, so it’s obvious I’m obsessed.) I believe the Russo brothers are doing something interesting and bringing something different to action movies. I hope we get to see their take on movies to come so that we can get more cool stories with even cooler fights.

What about you? What was your favorite part of the movie? Tell me in the comments.

See you next post, xo.


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