Deep thoughts

From Plan A to Z

Hello there! Today’s post is not a book review or anything like that. Like I wrote before, part of being in your twenties is being arrogant enough to think that your opinion matters more than it actually does so… here I am bombarding you with what I think of things.

This time, I got inspired by something Tyra Banks’ mom said on an episode of America’s Next Top Model: “Learn to plan for the end, at the beginning.” That was the advice Tyra’s Mom gave her daughter when her daughter told her she wanted to be a model. Basically, it’s pretty much the explanation of why Tyra grew up to be not only a top model, but a business woman that has used her fame to create other things. From television shows, to music, to makeup lines, to perfumes… etc.

It moved me because sometimes we get so in our heads about what we want in life that we forget to have other plans. It’s nice to have dreams and it’s even better to work for them until we see them come to life, but we have to be prepared for failure if our dream never becomes a reality. And not only for failure, we have to be prepared for surprises and disappointments and the chance that maybe our dream wasn’t what we wanted it to be. (It happens more times than we know.)

I’m going to put myself as an example. My goal? To publish a book someday. My dream? To be able to work at a fashion or cultural magazine while writing books on the side. This is what I work for. This is what I search to accomplish. But my reality is that I’m an unemployed, somewhat inexperienced twenty-something, and that in my quest of following that dream, I’m not 100% equipped for working on something else. What do I mean by this? I have a BA in advertising and I can’t use Photoshop or Illustrator or those design programs to save my life. (I only know the very basics.)

Why does this affect me? Because I could be applying for a broader spectrum of jobs in the field while I get my “dream” job. I could be doing something productive as well as working for my dreams. And more importantly, I would have something to fall back on to if my dream doesn’t ever come true.

I don’t know if that’s a good example, but it’s the one I have. It’s like people who want to be singers or actors. Usually, they get jobs completely unrelated to their field to pay the bills while going to auditions until they get their big break. That’s what I mean. We have to prepare ourselves for the sucky jobs we might not want to do until we can get our big break.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get perspective on things, but the truth is we should all learn to plan from A to Z, while still finding a balance to enjoy our lives without being attached to plans. We need to be able to plan ahead without wasting our present on a future that is not promised.

Having dreams and working for them with passion allows us to get what we want, and I’m a firm believer that anything can happen. However, as with anything in life, I think preparing for negative outcomes can be really helpful. Plus, there’s always the chance that we discover new dreams along the way. 

It’s not about not getting back up again when we fall, it’s about laying down some mattresses so that the impact doesn’t hurt as much and we can continue in the pursuit of our goals with fewer bruises.

See you next post, xo.


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