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Author’s Spot: Rainbow Rowell

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first post of the #AuthorsSpot series. As I wrote the other day (check that out here), I’m going to be talking about my favorite authors (and some of their work) in these posts. Today’s pick is Rainbow Rowell, the lovely woman who according to the information on her webpage… Continue reading Author’s Spot: Rainbow Rowell

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Introducing Author’s Spot

Hello again! No, you’re not confused. This is another post just four days after the last one. I’m going to try to keep it up. Wish me luck with that. As I wrote in the last post (that you can check out here), I have some things planned out for the blog. One of those… Continue reading Introducing Author’s Spot

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Writing Diary Chapter One

Hey there! I know, I know… it’s been a minute. The good news is that I have never forgotten about this blog and that I’m planning to get back on track. I have some posts that are ready to go and I’m super excited to share them. In the upcoming weeks, I plan to share… Continue reading Writing Diary Chapter One

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On reading and traveling

Hello there! As you can see, I’m slowly trying to recover a regular posting schedule. As an update on my last blog post (which you can read here), I’m happy to say I’m sort of out of my reading slump. I read and loved a free Original Sinners short story called Something Nice by Tiffany… Continue reading On reading and traveling

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Reading Slumps and Writer’s Block

Hi there! Like I said in my last and very long post about Hamilton, (which you can read here) the writing gods have forsaken me. But I’m trying. So I’m here to ramble a bit about how I feel right now. As you can probably tell by the very obvious title of this post, I’m… Continue reading Reading Slumps and Writer’s Block


Mad for Ham: My obsession with Hamilton

Hey there! I know, I know… it’s been forever since I posted something, but the writing gods have forsaken me. It seems like I’m getting back on track, so I thought that I would rant and fangirl a bit about my obsession with the Original Broadway Cast Recording Album of Hamilton, the musical. (Get ready… Continue reading Mad for Ham: My obsession with Hamilton

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From Plan A to Z

Hello there! Today’s post is not a book review or anything like that. Like I wrote before, part of being in your twenties is being arrogant enough to think that your opinion matters more than it actually does so… here I am bombarding you with what I think of things. This time, I got inspired… Continue reading From Plan A to Z