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Milestones Book Tag [Original]


So, hello there! I’m a Book Tag lover. Those are one of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube, so today, I thought it’d be fun to create one of my own and share it with you. Since May is my birthday month, I wanted this to be the first post of the month, because this tag is somewhat birthday/ages related.

What’s it called? #MilestonesBookTag ! (Shout out to Damarys for helping me pick that out.)

How does it work? I’ve picked a somewhat standard group-age or important milestone year in a person’s life and paired it up with a description of something that is common or typical of that age to form a question. You have to answer it with a book, a book genre or a book series. And because I’m turning 24 on May 29, I thought stopping at 24 would be cool. Maybe I can do it again next year and add 25 and create my little book tag birthday tradition, right?

I’m going to be filling in my answers in this post, so you can get an idea. I’ll be tagging some people, but if you see this and want to do it, please join the fun. Just make sure to tag me or mention me or something so I can see your post.

Before we begin, I’d like to clarify that I searched around and I haven’t seen a book tag like this. I’ve seen some about birthday cakes and celebrations, I believe, but nothing exactly like this one. I’m not trying to steal anyone’s idea so if you’ve seen or created a similar book tag, please know I don’t want to take credit for something someone else did, okay? Okay. Also, link me to it?

Let’s start.

1- Curious Toddler: A book genre you don’t frequently go to, but are curious to explore. I’m going to have to answer with historical fiction. I never, never, never have an historical fiction or historical romance on the top of my TBR list, but I know a lot of good books can be found in that area. I’m sure I’m missing out and I’d like to remedy that.

2- Teenager: A book about that made you feel all the feels at once. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell was one of the first books I’ve read this year that made go into ASDFGH-fangirl mode. If you want to read some of my thoughts on it, you can check out what I wrote about it in this post or on my Goodreads review.

3- Quinceañera: A book with a memorable female lead. Most of the books I read have a female protagonist so I’ve read a lot of good books with memorable female leads. Nora Sutherlin from The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz comes to mind. (You can read my master posts on that series here and here.) Haven Antonelli from the Sempre duology by J.M. Darhower is another one. Stop me now, please…

4- Sweet Sixteen: A YA book that’s so sweet it gave you a toothache. Without a doubt, I’d have to pick Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. Those books are so dear to me. They’re the perfect amount of sweet and cheesy and romance and fun.

5- Legal 18: A book that you read that had adult content you felt unprepared for. I’ve been reading books with “adult content” long before I was “an adult” (LOL, right?), and I never felt like I shouldn’t be reading what I was reading. However, last year I read a book called Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott and while I was an adult and I had already read books with very dark and harsh themes, that book got to me. I didn’t even know how to feel when I finished it, but I knew I didn’t feel good, which I guess it’s a testament to the writing because the theme it deals with it’s an awful one and it SHOULD get to you.

6- Blackjack 21: A set of book characters you’d like to go partying with. I tried to only answer with this series once, but I can’t. Nora, Kingsley and Søren from The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz is my answer for this question. If I HAD to pick another book character to party with, it’d be Alice Cullen from The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, because… Alice is the ultimate party planner, right?

7- Uncertain 24: A book where the main character shows a lot of personal growth. // A book where the main character has to make a tough decision to make. For this age, the age I’ll be celebrating in a few weeks, I choose two questions. I figured there must be a lot of people my age who feel like they’ve grown up a lot in the past few years, right? So they can answer this question with a book character that goes through some growing up as well. However, I don’t know if I feel all that grown up yet, so I’m going to answer the second question: A book where the main character has a tough decision to make. That would be Will Traynor from Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Now, that’s a guy who had a hard choice to make, so that’s my answer.


There you have it, my Milestones Birthday Month Book Tag or #MilestonesBookTag for short. Now, I’m going to tag the following blogs: Nicole, Meedah, Damarys, The Bookish Mirage, My Random Blog, and like I said, anyone who wants to do this tag!

See you next post, xo.


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